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Throughout Columbus, Ohio A Pet Care Affair will take care of your pet care, dog walking, basic grooming, poop scooping and other specialized needs. Our Pet Consultation and First Aid Training Services will provide you with the information you need to be a proactive and exceptional pet parent!

As a CERTIFIED Training Provider in Pet First Aid and CPR for PET TECH, we offer Pet First Aid  and Pet Saver Training for you, your staff, groups, volunteers, and clients!


Dog Walking for your pups while you’re away. Dogs are very social creatures and do not tend to want to be alone for long periods. Services can range from periodic home visits, to long walks in the park, or whatever else they may enjoy. The nice thing about pups is that they are generally very easy to please!       


Cat Care is one of our favorite things. We’ve cared for the snuggly, the hissy, the Diva, the wildcat, the former hoarding cat, the aloof cat, the feral cat, the fat cat, the ornery cat, and the ‘fraidy cat (just to name a few) and managed to find them all delightful in their own special ways


We love playing with mice (and rats, and ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs…) Your tiny babies will get the same love and attention as the cats and dogs

Even pets with special needs, disabilities, or “unique” personalities need their own version of love and attention and we get that. Sometime, the most different are the most special so we will develop a special plan just for them.


Birds are awesome and we are not afraid to handle them (and have experience catching those escape artists!). We know that birds are smart, inquisitive, and enjoy interacting so if your birdie needs a visitor, we’ll fly right over!



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