Why We Do What We Do- Stories to help you understand

Why do we do what we do? It is simple: Love

At A Pet Care Affair, we realize that you don’t care about what we do… until you know that we care about what we do!


The day started out lovely but was becoming increasingly dark and stormy- then, the sirens started going off around the city. Suddenly we realized…Mo didn’t have his Thundershirt on! During storms, Mo would become frantic, terrified, and would start destroying the house and mom wouldn’t be home for hours still! Without hesitation, we made an unscheduled stop over to make sure Mo was securely swaddled in his calming Thundershirt.

Although mom had to leave town, Roxy was being cared for by APCA. Suddenly however, she started having cluster seizures! After consulting with mom over the phone, Roxy was taken to the emergency clinic and we brought mom into the consultation by speaker phone so that she could talk directly to the vet even though she was thousands of miles away. When discharged, Roxy was brought into the home of our provider to be monitored and treated and loved until mom got back home.

Baron 5-13

Baron suffered from bad nosebleeds. He is a large dog and difficult to handle, especially when he was stressed! Baron’s nose started bleeding and his owner wasn’t able to get it to stop- he called APCA and we rushed right over to help. It was a bad bleed and there was blood on the walls, floors, and us. Once we got the bleeding slowed, the provider stayed another hour to wash up the blood so the owner could get Baron over to his vet.


Speaking of Roxy, on a routine weekly visit, the apartment building fire alarm went off just as the provider was putting Roxy back in to finish her potty walk. But we knew we couldn’t leave her there if a fire was detected! So we scooped her up, went outside and called mom to advise her of the situation, thinking we would have to take Roxy home with us until mom got off work, however mom decided to come right home so we stayed with Roxy until mom was safely by her side.



It was bad enough that little Remy had to go to the emergency vet for eating something she shouldn’t have but now if mom didn’t pick her up by 8 she would get charged for another overnight visit! Mom is a nurse and cannot leave her job easily so within a matter of minutes, she coordinated with APCA to get Remy picked up and safely back home before she got charged again.

Many businesses will tell you they go “above and beyond” but at A Pet Care Affair, we actually do. If it is possible, we will make it happen.