VIP Membership Program

royal-dog-logo1VIP Services- $99/month


  1. Priority Scheduling: Relax knowing that you will always get your preferred dates and times no matter how “last  minute” your needs may be (excluding conflict with medication dependent clients).  All short notice fees, cancellation fees, and holiday surcharges will be waived.
  2.  Yard Waste cleanup: Despite the best intentions, this task tends to fall behind sometimes, so no more worries about missing those piles. Every two weeks our staff will scour the yard for piles. As always, we will remove all waste material from the house for you.
  3.  Washing out of cat litter boxes: no more pungent litter box smell.  We will scour the boxes with eco-friendly soap and water and replenish with fresh litter every two weeks. We will also sweep up “litter scatter”. Again we will remove all waste products from your home.        
  4. Monthly coat brush out and ear cleaning (up to 2 pets a month)
  5. Towel Service: Tired of using the family towels for wet dogs, muddy paws, vomit or other accidents, baths, etc…? we will provide a supply of towels conveniently laundered and delivered by our staff monthly
  6. One free hour of Transport Services each month (for vet or groomer pick up, pet store deliveries, etc…)
  7. 1-Free Walking Pack with collapsible water bowl and poop bags 
  8. 1-Free Pet First Aid Kit 
  9. Special VIP rate of $49.00 for Pet First Aid Certification and Training classes